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Mobile (AL, USA), 21 July 2015 — Continental Motors Group Ltd, an AVIC International Holding Corporation company, announced today that the latest version of its Diesel CD-230 engine has received type certification from the FAA. This new version of the CD-230 brings significant enhancements to the version certified in 2012. Thanks to a specifically designed turbocharger, the critical altitude and service ceiling have been increased to 9,800 feet and 20,000 feet respectively. Performance in hot day operations has been increased with full rated power available to 113°F (45°C) inlet conditions.
“The new version of the CD-230 brings many improvements to the previous version” says Johnny Doo, Executive Vice-President of Continental Motors Group, “We have listened to the demands of the industry, both for fixed-wing and rotary wing applications, to deliver the next generation of our mid horsepower range Jet-A diesel engine product. The new CD-230 expands operational capabilities in hot or cold weather; increases the power available to the pilot while increasing reliability and ease of operations. This milestone is important to our clients that believe that Jet-A engines are critical to their future growth in areas where AVGAS is extremely expensive, when available. Furthermore, the CD-230 is ideally suited to replace traditional engines in airframes that are considered as reliable workhorses.”

The CD-230 offers a conventional opposed four-cylinder engine, air and oil cooled, allowing installation in factory new airframes and retrofits for existing airframes. The engine is production ready.

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