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Lichtenstein/Saxony - With immediate effect the renowned engine expert Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Kappler will provide support to Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH in continuing the company’s operative business. Kübler: "A clear signal for customers and investors."
"I am happy that it was possible to recruit such a distinguished and experienced expert for Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH", commented insolvency administrator Kübler on the commitment of Prof. Kappler who has already been distinguished for his services on behalf of the German aircraft industry on a number of occasions. He is considered to be a proven expert in the area of engine development, production and marketing. He has first-class references both as a scientist and within the industry – among other things, as a former holder of the Chair for Aircraft Drives and Director of the Institute for Air and Space Travel at the Technical University of Munich as well as managing director at BMW Rolls-Royce, development manager at Fairchild Dornier and managing director of Europrop International.

Prof. Kappler will provide long-term support to the company in its bid to continue its operative business in Lichtenstein. In particular, he will be a competent partner for prospective investors at the forthcoming investor talks. Prof. Kappler will assist the insolvency administrator up to the point when the company has been successfully assigned to a new investor as planned. Prof. Kappler is to begin his work with immediate effect. Already today he accompanied the insolvency administrator and Frank Thielert, the company’s founder, to an appointment with the German Federal Office of Aviation.

Frank Thielert and the company’s management staff expressly welcomed this new commitment on the part of Prof. Kappler. "I look forward to the challenge and am confident that together we will work out a solid prospect for the future of Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH", said Kappler. "Centurion engines represent state of the art technology and have a commanding position on the world market. Our task is to advance this engine development even further."

About Bruno M. Kübler:
Dr. Bruno M. Kübler (born in 1945) is one of Germany’s most well-known insolvency administrators. He is the founder and a senior partner of the law firm KÜBLER, which specializes in insolvency management. It ranks among Germany’s leading firms for insolvency law and is represented in 27 different business locations throughout Germany. Acting as an insolvency administrator since the year 1978, Dr. Kübler has managed more than 1,000 corporate insolvency proceedings, including those of numerous manufacturing companies such as machine toolmakers (HECKERT), automobile suppliers (Sachsenring), motorcycle manufacturers (MuZ) and in the retail trade, e.g. the Konsumgenossenschaft Ostsachsen (East Saxony consumer cooperative) or the bookshop chain Bouvier. In addition, Dr. Kübler has considerable experience in the airplane industry. Dr. Kübler recently reorganized the Brandenburg aircraft manufacturer Aquila.

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About Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH:
Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH is the leading provider of certified kerosene piston aircraft engines for general aviation. As a certified development, manufacturing and maintenance aviation enterprise, the company was the first in the world to be approved for a kerosene piston engine.

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